Qigong & Meditation Retreat
Meruxosa, Asturias, Spain

Coming soon a unique retreat in Asturias

 We are curently working on our new location. In the beautiful mountains of Asturias in northern Spain. The plan is to open a Qigong and Meditation retreat. Work is about to start on small farm conversion " La Finca Meruxosa " situated Bimenes 33528 Asturias.
Centraly situated with easy access (30mins) to airport, beaches, national park and the picturesque town Olviedo. Meruxosa is surrounded with trees and tranquility.
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After studying Qigong (Chi Kung) and Meditation for many years in both Asia and Europe.
It as become my mission to share this accumulated knowledge.
Qigong (Chi Kung) is something that can be learnt by people of any age or ability no matter what their current health or fitness level is.  
Learnt and practised properly, it can improve your health, make you feel energised and help you deal with stress. Improve your posture, give your body a greater range of motion, increase your flexibility, assist in the well being of your internal organs, help you meditate and improve bodily co-ordination.

Based on this, would you not want to join me?

Steve,   Master Instructor         
Corlie,  Assistant Instructor