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The Desisions you make Dictate the way you live!

 Regular, basic Chi Kung practice can reap massive rewards and benifits.
Physically you can achive great shape and eliminate nagging aches and pains.
 Giving you a great feeling of health and well being.
Mentally it gives you clarity and focus leading to greater insight.
Emotionally it leads to calm and ballance.
 These are all incredible benifits easily achived with regular Chi Kung practice.

Tong Ling Chi Kung

Vein Tendon Chi Kung


By its nature, chi kung (also known as qigong or kigung) is simple and easy yet amazingly effective. Anyone can practice it successfully, regardless of age or fitness. The essential requirements are a properly trained instructor and good, fresh air.
The basic chi kung system that we teach is Tong Ling (clearing and circulating) Chi Kung. 
Vein Tendon Chi Kung is a simple but effective system which tones all of the tendon in the body and increases its elasticity so that it can store energy.
Meditation forms an intrinsic part of our Chi Kung training program. Generally we teach how to perform simple, safe meditations and then encourage students to practice them in their own time, quietly and comfortably.
About Chi (energy)
Chi is the fundamental life force that flows through all and everything in the Universe. Chi can be increased and controled in human beings.
Consequently through Chi Kung exercise and meditation, the development of chi can make an ill person robust or a weak person vibrant. To maintain pain-free, optimal health, Chi should circulate throughout your entire body, without disruption, in a smooth, powerful fashion. Chi can enhance mental capacity and slow down the ageing proccess.
Chi naturally flows around the microcosmic orbit in a circular fashion. Chi Kung practitioners learn to control and intensify this flow. promoting health and well being.